Central Florida

Our focus in central florida is connecting, equipping, and supporting individuals and families to be a part of the solution to the global orphan crisis through Adoption, Foster Care, Safe Families, and WRAP around care. Over 300 children have been loved and cared for through our families in Central Florida.


Through our program in Adwa, Ethiopia, we are providing hope and help for just over 100 children. Through this community based care program, these orphaned and at-risk children are provided with classes in language, computers, tutoring and after school study. The program also provides showers, clean clothes, hot meals and a safe place to play. The care of each child is overseen by a loving staff at the center and through frequent home visits.


In Guatemala, we are helping to care for children who have experienced abuse or neglect and have been placed within the care of one of our two partnering children’s homes. These homes provide a safe, happy, healthy environment where the physical, emotional, spiritual, mental and educational needs of the children can be met.


In Honduras, we are helping to provide foster and emergency care to abandoned and at-risk children in the ti-state Occidental region of Honduras. The mission is to see these children heal and eventually achieve permanency in a safe and healthy family setting. Our partners in Honduras are working at the local and national level to develop standards and resources to educate and train prospective foster families and others working in the area of foster care.

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